Blog and Brag!

At first I’m dubious about blogging given that I am only an ordinary individual. I had asked myself why should I blog? Do I have anything to show off or anything fascinating enough to other people? Sooner after I realized why not, while I know how to write and speak my mind through writing I could do blog if I like.

Blogging is something fresh for me. I may say I’m a late bloomer, not because I’m new to the internet but because just lately I have owned a laptop for free. Even if it’s a second-hand at least it’s of good value for me. I can’t do stuff like blogging easily if I’m not equipped with gadget and internet connection. Renting in internet cafe is quite uneasy for me since mostly i spent my precious and quality time indoor with kids. I can barely go out to rent and surf the world-wide web.

Acquiring a free high-tech gadget like a laptop is such a privilege enough since it’s a bit costly tho, for me who has other priorities than that. Here in our developing country the Philippines, it’s still considered a luxury for middle class family unless if it’s necessary to own one like for job or business needs. Well off people can easily purchase stuffs like this since they can afford at any time they like. Good thing for them. Yet, I’m still thankful that there are people who are kind enough to share their blessings to someone like me who least expect it at the best of times.

The moment I got hold of this I became hopeful that through this I can revive my interest in writing stuffs. At first I’m doubtful if I could go on since I’m a busy home maker and mother. Also I’m a little bit ignorant about the internet and computers technicality since its not my forte. But I’m thankful because I have known a friend who have given me a little knowledge about the internet and stuffs like blogging. It’s a good start for me. The laptop and the new friend named Rona are both blessings in disguise.

I could say blessings since stepping out of the house to earn money for a living is inevitably impossible for me. Impossible in the sense that I have three children to look after their welfare. I have turned down several job interviews and offers already for that very same reason. Having a laptop is something really I took pride of because I’m certain and hopeful that I can improve my way of living through this. God permits.

To make use of this resource I started to surf the net and look for possible home based jobs. Another thing for me to be thankful of is that I have kind relatives who shared their wi-fi connection so I can go online if I need to. But I know this is only passing for if ever I would find online jobs, before now I should need to have my own internet subscription. So, as of the moment I am enjoying the freebie. Thank you so much. I love kind people.

I believe in the adage that says everything will fall right into places. All along I met a new friend who had helped me with some ideas on the internet. It is so amazing because I have found out after reading her blog, we have some things in common like she’s also a mom and she’s good in article writing too. She also does lots of stuff like designing, Photoshop etc., which also I intend to learn. Someday.

Writing has always been a part of me. It’s not that I’m proving something or bragging but ever since I was in grade school I’m fond of composing poetry and writing essays even stories that were sometimes left undone but at least I have tried. In higher school I was a part of a student publication and have won an entry in essay writing. Something I am proud of.

I can even remember in our senior year I started to appreciate diaries. Indeed, I bought one for myself. It was where I can shed all my laughter and pains. Talks about puppy loves and crushes.Notes about a loving father and brothers. But most especially what I can’t forget was how I described my mom as a “devil’s advocate” since no boyfriends are ever allowed then. Hahaha! so funny my high school life was.

But my diary didn’t last long. When I reached college things have been so pressured I can barely relax and have spent no time for my diary. But the passion lives on. I have taken a course which requires lots of writings, readings and research. There were times that mentors will appreciate my written works and it felt so relieving that it paid off my sleepless nights and twisted mind. I continued writing stuffs mostly from my own experiences and not in a form of a diary anymore but poetry.

But in some twist of fate I desist writing. I have encountered an enormous unbearable event of my life. I became a mother. Times were fleeting and tasks were overlapping as a full-time mom. I barely even have time for my own self to pamper since children were so demanding. I even stop reading novels that I love like those authored by Sidney Sheldon. For eight years I became stagnant of the things I love doing so.

However, if things are meant for you it will come rushing through your door without you even knowing it. Did I anticipate this moment to be able to do my write stuff again despite of the fact that I have preoccupied time and nuisance kids? Absolutely not. And how wowed I am, more than words can’t tell. Oh well, that’s something awesome and I’m proud that this time I’m writing an article in my laptop and sharing it to the whole wide world.

I’m perhaps far from being perfect and you maybe are not convinced of how I write but I’m still grateful and proud that I did blog and brag!

And p.s: I will keep on brogging…(compounded from blog & brag)


  1. Jannece, Thank you for LIKING my post 🙂 you are such a sweetie. Keep writing, its good for us 🙂 God bless you!

    • you are most welcome. and thanks for the encouragement. God bless you also!

  2. I love to write on my diary – from first year high school until the first year I got married. 😉

    • it’s nice to hear that…:-)

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