Love is for love.

Whew! Everyday is such a long day for a super mom like me. From waking up early in the morning to sleeping late at night. Making sure that my kid’s school home works are reviewed before saying my nightly prayer and putting my world into slumber. I’m like a little bit of everything all rolled into one. What else do I expect? I have pledged to be a full-time mom.

mommy and kids

With all these hustles and bustles of my day-to-day life taking a little break to unwind my mind is almost always impossible. I keep a lot of mental notes hoping I can find a few moment to grab my pen and jot something down. But time has taken its toll on me and letting loose of the hazy moments was far beyond reach.

Nevertheless, I’m still grateful that I am able to do things that I love. I’m doing it all for my kids despite of their being so noxious and always keeping me on my toes. I love my kids so much they are more than a treasure to me.

As a matter of fact, nearly every night the moon would weep bitter tears of never hearing my kids outburst laughter, screams and cries for a fight over a silly mimicry. This is always their scenerio every time I’m upstairs breastfeeding my youngest child and putting her to sleep. But I always understand they are still kids and I also was once like them. I believe all these kid stuffs will subdue when they grow up.

While coping up with their noises and with my baby not yet asleep, I wandered myself throughout the four corners of my mind. Suddenly, I thought today is February 11, 2013, 3 more days to go before Valentine’s day. What came into my mind were thoughts about love until I came up with a poem and it goes like this.

LOVE is for LOVE

LOVE is for the long drought of summer,
Longing for heavy rain to fall and shower.
It’s like the brave and endured soldier,
In a battlefield of no retreat and no surrender.

LOVE is for the long and lonely night,
Patiently waiting for the break of daylight.
It’s like a little bird full of courage and fright,
Spreading it’s wings to take it’s first flight.

LOVE is for the mighty pen- long kept and hidden,
Thirst for somebody’s story to be written.
It’s like an unfinished book disregarded- forgotten,
Until found by someone who gave the story an end.

LOVE is for the abandoned and maltreated child,
Seeking for a family to be reconciled.
It’s like a life in a mother’s womb that smiled,
Waiting to feel mommy’s touch- gentle and mild.

LOVE is for the undying love of a son to his father,
And from a father to his son- a love that never wither.
It’s like the love of our God the Almighty Father,
Who has given his Son, Jesus Christ to be our Redeemer.


god is love

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  1. i really liked, thx

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