A Newfound Home

I’m just about a couple of weeks old on this blog site. This is my very first blog and i felt clumsy because I’m so far from being a perfect blogger yet, but I felt like I found my home in this thing called blogging. WordPress itself is like home to me because I can do all the things I love to do by blogging here. And it has in fact, given me the feeling that I belong.

It is such a coincidence when a fellow blogger suggested that I should check the DP challenge, if I badly need some tips about what topics to post. It really feels like your home because you are given the right stuffs and help that are not misleading.

So when I sneaked in the site for the weekly photo challenge just a minute ago, a picture of a bird’s nest appeared next through my eyes and for me this picture depicts HOME. What a coincidence, I felt like I’m welcome.birdsnest

And since I am to answer the call of this challenge, here is my picture that I could say best describe my home.
multitasking mom
Just a month ago, when a friend of my husband gave him a laptop I was grateful that going online will go easy for me since I’m a full-time mom. Being a home maker is like being the “Jill of all trades” but a master of none. 🙂

Presently this is a picture of my so-called home. But despite of that myriad of tasks to accomplish, it has still given me the feeling of gratification. Despite of the many threats as a mom, specifically to earn for a living even if I’m just staying at home. I still manage it very well for the welfare of my kids. Home is where the heart is. And my children are my inspiration.

Before, I only use my mobile phone since I’m only interested in social networking to communicate with my long-lost fiends. And I cannot well afford a computer yet. After having a full access to the world-wide-web already, I got interested in exploring these stuffs that the internet is giving. Until I met a friend that led me to blogging.

WordPress is another thing that I consider home. When I learned about this blog, my heart and soul had been revived. I can feel comfort about doing my stuff. I know I’m not good with writing but I just simply want to write. I find peace and comfort when I write especially poems where I can pour out all what I have inside. So a lot of thanks to the WordPress family for letting me be myself again.

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