A Glass Window


A Glass Window

          I dreamt of a house with a glass window,

         Of grotesque form and architectural design.

          The world outside I can quickly peek through,

          A creation of wonders – marvelous and one of a kind.


          Yesterday, in closed windows was where I dwelt.

          Asked myself, “Why here that I don’t belong?”

          Suffocated, grounded and doomed was what I felt,

          A grasp for freedom and air, I have longed.


          Eventually, that dream turned into a reality.

          Today, I dwell in a house with a glass window.

          But silly how it vulnerably got so untidy.

          No difference at all, life is still full of sorrow.


          Tomorrow, I must find a way to make it clearer.

          Take a time to wipe all these dirt away.

          So I can glance over a window that’s brighter,

          When life becomes tired, lonesome and weary.



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