Dear Son, How are You in the Future?

I have already heard from people in all walks of life, come across from my readings and seen in movies – the talks about the FUTURE. “Don’t worry about the future for it can take care of itself.” “Our future is not being promised.” so on and so forth. And these are motivational quotes which have been overly posted in one of the famous social networking sites I regularly signed in to.

Behind all these assurance and motivation is the ghost of dystopia that remains haunting us of the future might-have-beens. But the plain truth is, this ghost is only our worries that terrorized us and definitely not the events of the future. It’s all about mind over matter. If we can only be reminded of the famous children song “Que Serra Serra” every time we feel like being haunted, then we can simply cast that ghost away and vanish into thin air.

Like any other moms, my only worry is not about my children’s future but instead their present situation. You may say I’m not futuristic but what’s the use of dreaming hard for our children’s future sake if we tend to neglect our duty in the present. We can’t deny the fact that our ever-changing fast paced technology brings about a lot of possibilities in this so-called hi-tech world we live in. Possibilities for good things to happen and (of course if there’s light there’s always dark), the bad things that we dreaded and loathed of.

I would be more grateful to God if among his magnificent creation one brilliant mind can spark an idea to come up with a device wherein I can send a message to someone back in the future. So that if he or she can send me a reply, my worries for this present time would be put to rest. This first and foremost letter would be addressed to my 8-year-old eldest son. And it goes like this.

Dear Charlce,

Hello son! This is a letter from your mom. I hope that you always keep me in your thoughts and tucked me in your mind. I’m wondering if how amazed you are now back there in your future upon reading this letter of mine from the present. If you only know how the breakthrough of technology took over the world by storm. Today here in present is March 1, 2013. I was dying to try this new gadget that enables me to send you a message there in the future wherein you are now. What’s the date their today when you got hold of this? How old are you now and your brother Rijan and sister Hershey? How are they doing also? Well, I believe you can reply me tho I can’t imagine how your future may look like but am pretty sure it’s already possible to send a message back here in the present as I do able to send you today.

I am writing you because most of the time now I am worrying so much about how your future is going to be like. I want to know if you have been doing great and productive with how I treated and disciplined you as a child or you have grown to be a reckless nobody person. I would really love to know son please tell me so I can make amend of my ways in raising you today. Just be honest I wouldn’t care tho if you have gone notorious or whatever, who knows today can be the best day to change that here in the present. We can change if we want to and I believe there’s no late for change because everyday thing changes and so can man. Miracles happen and that’s what your father is always telling us about when you’re still a kid. Right?

Whatever mistakes I have done to you because of my up bringing, I apologize for all of that. But I know that you won’t forget how I loved you so much. You, Rijan and sister Eshey. I hope you never forget our routines when you were still 8. How we exchanged our I’m sorrys, It’s all right, I love yous and I love you toos. I hope you also did that to your children if ever you have a family now of your own. And don’t forget our “complete kiss” routine before we say our prayers and good nights. I hope you never cease praying and knowing God even deeper. And there’s one thing more, do you remember how you and brother Rijan squeezed me tightly as the “mama cheese” in our “cheese sandwich hug” and how Eshey stared at us blankly for she doesn’t understand yet what we three were doing? We mimicked that from the movie The Little Fockers? Well, I hope I have refreshed your mind just in case you forget that. And by the way, are you still a movie fanatic I remembered how you can’t keep your eyes away from the television screen every time you watch your favorite cartoons, I’m certain you’re wearing eyeglasses by now. 🙂

I guess I have to park now son. I understand how I have taken you to a long reading. And I absolutely know how you hated reading. Well, maybe that’s my fault I trained you at 6 and when your 8 you always tells me that you hate reading because you already know how to read well. Indeed, you are a fast learner. And that’s why I’m so proud of you when you did great in school.

I really got carried away. I just got so excited to know how you are when you’re a grown man as I was so excited to see you grow from infant to a young boy. Please don’t forget to send me your reply right away so that I can start amending my house rules and regulations and if I learned that your growing great and good, then I can wipe all my worries away and stop worrying about you in the future. I have drawn lines and wrinkles already for always worrying.

Love you so much son, from the past to the present and even more in your future.

Your futuristic mom,

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