A Certified “Fashionista” :-)


I enjoyed this week’s DP Challenge, obviously it shows with this second entry I am submitting. It just happened that I ran across with two photos in my Facebook account that best fit I think in the challenge.

This photo was taken when I was 7 years old. I’m attending my cousin’s (the little girl seated next to me) birthday party. And I am that fancy looking girl in a yellow laced dress. You see when I was a child my mother would always see to it that I’m always at my best look every time when occasions call. My mother made me a certified “fashionista” in her own language. That’s what we mothers love to do with our little ones. We sometimes overdressed them. 🙂

Last year that cousin of mine who’s also older now, uploaded this picture in a certain social networking site (Facebook) and I got myself tagged. I excitedly opened it and “Gee whiz!” it shocked my entire nervous system. The sight gave me a truth that’s really stranger than fiction. “What is this damn beautiful girl doing here? 🙂

Photo credits to Sandra G. Ortega

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