Bittersweet Truth Behind An Angel’s Smile

esheys smileAll credits given to Jingsoy Sarino for this photo.

This is my 3rd and youngest daughter Hershey. Behind her sweet innocent smile is a bittersweet truth that’s stranger than fiction. Whatever that bitter truth is, it will be remained concealed in the deepest of my memory.

All I wanted to bear in my mind is the sweetest truth that once there was a night when my husband came home from work and surprised me with this photo of my angel when she’s 8months old in an A4 sized frame. And this is what my husband told me as he handed it gently, “Mount this in the highest part of the wall which is always visible to you. And remember that every time when you are troubled with our tight budget and stressed up with the other two kids.Just pause for a moment, take a deep breathe and stare at this frame for a couple of minutes. I’m sure all your worries will drift away.” My jaw dropped and became speechless all I did was I hugged him as smoke gets in my eyes. I felt like an ice melting with my husband’s warm and tender loving care. Knowing that my husband really cared for me tho he’s working miles away killed the bitter truth that hidden deeply in each of our memory.

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