If Tomorrow Comes…

Daily Prompt: Seven Days
by michelle w.

You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.

I don’t usually plan something for the week. It happens all the time I make plans and turn out differently from what I expected. Simple plans like taking my children out to a park, have a good plunge in a nearby beach, greening up my lawn and emptying out the laundry basket. I’m just a plain housewife without big amount of cold cash and I could not plan for luxurious vacations, dining out in fancy restaurants, and take my children out for a shopping of expensive toys and clothes. I only take life’s “special offer” as it comes.

I have but big dreams and not plans. If the next time I’ll plan, it’s going to be an application for a job that this time won’t be hindered by the absence of a babysitter but that would not really work as I expected I’m needed by my kids so that plan remains a dream. And If tomorrow I wake up and by some twist of fate a mouth-watering tremendous amount of money in my dresser will surprise my eyes, I would definitely be stunned and say at the top of my lungs “Today my dreams will become plans!”

$10,000 is equivalent to Php500,000 half a million in our Philippine currency. That gigantic amount would cost me to a lot of planning. And if by chance this event happens on a Sunday, the days for the rest of the week would have a tremendous change. Brace myself and here I go.

photo credits to www.upad.co.uk

photo credits to http://www.upad.co.uk

Monday – First things first, I will call up my husband who’s working in the city. Inform him not to worry anymore about the announced closure of his company on 2015 and his painstaking plan to put up a simple burger business will soon be over for the next day we will pay the Php50,000 franchise of a burger stand.

Tuesday – Contact a carpenter to work on my mother’s unfinished house renovation. At the same time scout for an Architect to help me out with the blueprint for my dream house. Approximately, it would cost me Php200,000.

Wednesday – Go and check our parish and set a date for a blessed day of a wedding ceremony. No need for a wedding planner I myself loves coordinating events so It would cost me nothing for that. Then, I will see a dressmaker if she could sew the wedding dress I made a design myself. Booked for a reception and catering service. All would sum up to approximately Php60,000 and my dream wedding will soon be months away.

Thursday – Set my kids to a once-in-their-lifetime shopping experience. My 8-year-old son ask for a synthesizer last year so this year might be his time to rock n’ roll. 🙂 Also I will buy him art materials I see an artist potential in his drawings and sketches this way I can provide him a room for development. For my 4-year-old son all these years he laid eyes on toys, lots of toys. I would also shop new clothes for them, for my husband and for my mom. I’ll allocate Php20,000 for all these stuffs.

Friday – Set a date to go and see a long-lost friend from coed who I happened to have a contact again last year. We have been missing each other for about 12 years already. She’s in the northern part of Cebu City and I’m in the contrary. It takes me about 5 hours travel by bus. I’ll bring along my family and stay a day or two for vacation. I’ll spend Php5,000 for fare, accommodation and food.

Saturday – Day-off. I’ll hire somebody to take over my children’s welfare and I will go on a shopping spree. I need to buy a new laptop since I’m using this 2004 model and it has a slow processor. Go to a network provider and sign up for my own internet connection. A camera since I only make use of this cheap cameraphone with low megapixel. I love to capture moments, the nature, the sunshine and sunset over the horizon, different faces and emotions. Oh! how immensely I have been missing out a lot of actions since I lost my old digicam’s memory card.

Sunday – A day for the Lord. As usual, I’ll visit the church and this time I’ll give out a big stipend. Php500,000 is a lot of money I’ll be conscience-ridden if I wont share a bit to my parish. Then, I’ll throw out a thanksgiving party and invite all children in my community including my kids. I love cooking so I cook food for them. Give them school supplies and games and surprises that would give them a little sense of happiness.

These are among the children I'll invite to the party. This picture was my daughter's 1st birthday celebration.

These are among the children I’ll invite to the party. This picture was taken last Jan. 7, 2013,my daughter’s 1st birthday celebration.

Whew! What an exhilarating week I have. Maybe before the next week would start I’m going to check in a local beach resort and spend an overnight stay with the kids and husband since we don’t do this often. Spend the night for stargazing and hoping the night would not end for tomorrow it’s going to be a start of a new week. What’s going to happen next can’t be predicted.

Perhaps I’ll request for a Do-Not-Disturb sign on my door. No wake up calls, no setting of alarm clocks for if tomorrow comes and everything is just a dream, I would never wanna wake up. I still plan for a myriad of charity works for the following weeks. $10,000 has not totally consumed yet. 🙂


  1. Wow! Your post makes mine look very poorly written! Love it x

    • I’m so honored to hear that Claire. I’m just new to this I never expected to receive such comment as yours. I write from my heart that’s my only tool. 🙂 Don’t worry dear blogging is not a competition.

  2. My sister is an architect…she got the license last month. 😉

    —> http://ronaleer.wordpress.com/2013/02/17/381/ <—

    • Well I guess I got to save that info Ron, just in case tomorrow might come that I’ll be in demand of her craft. 🙂 Thanks!

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