And the VIP Award goes to…

It comes naturally to my mind whenever I happened to see or meet celebrities, public figures and persons, who established big names in their fields of expertise as VIPs. In thefreedictionary , VIP is defined as the person of great importance or influence, especially a dignitary who commands special treatment. And this is not new to our vocabulary for everyday in our lives we meet VIPs. I guess it doesn’t need to be a somebody to be a VIP, anybody can be a VIP.

For me, I consider all the people whom I encountered and got acquainted with as VIPs. The people whom I live with from the moment I gained consciousness of this world and until now are my VIPs. They are my mother and my brothers. And also the person who made my single life doubled and multiplied into three. They are my husband and 3 kids. They are so important that I can’t imagine my life living without.

There are also VIPs that come and go. Some of them leave traces of good memories and some just go without track of reasons. There were times, when I caught myself reminiscing the parts and parcels of memories in the archive of my mind. It somehow made me laughed, and sometimes got me misty-eyed and felt nostalgic of them. But we can’t let the event of losing them from keeping us static, life must go on as what I learned from the movie Titanic. And even if I lost them along the way, I’m not regretful that somehow they brought impact to my life. Some of them left with lessons that made me a better person that I can be, and some just left without nothing to do with my life, yet they are still VIPs to me.

But the incomparable VIP that meant so much to my life is my father. And what happened to my life after he died last December of 2002, is something so unbearable that it made my world so incomplete. He is not a big star, an influential figure or whatever in the list. He is just a part of the anybody but somebody who gave me life. The raison d’etre why I’m right here, right now. The somebody that almost drifted my world into nothingness the moment he left. Yet, the same person who made my life so strong that I able to carry on.

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Death is a natural phenomenon that most people don’t wanna be faced about. And that’s the biggest truth that we all like to fake. “Life is the beautiful lie and death is the painful truth” as what I have read. Could life be happier and more beautiful with the absence of my father? What will happen if I’m going to miss him? Will I ever have somebody to talk to when I’m down and out? Doubts and questions that flooded through my mind, when that once gloomy day of my life took event. But it somehow made me realize a simple truth. The truth that life must not end with the absence of somebody important to me, but instead it’s the onset of a journey where I learn to become responsible of my life and to be on my own.

At times, it so hard to miss somebody I adored so deeply. Somebody whom I really ever wanted to talk a lot of things about, but he really never existed anymore. From that, I learned to be optimistic. That’s one of the lessons I learned from having a one-of-a kind father. Despite of his failings, he never took chance of not showing us that we have to strive hard every after failures. My father is my greatest inspiration. And if I have to give an award to somebody for being the Very Important Person in my life, the VIP award goes to my ever-missed father.

And I will request this song to be played on background as he marches down to claim his trophy. 🙂



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