Life’s Turning Point!

Daily Prompt: 180 Degrees
by michelle w. on March 14, 2013

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

Perhaps because of the fleeting time and overlapping tasks, that’s why I hardly remember about a certain time in my past that I changed my views on something, made a different decision or acted unusually to a an event. Or simply because I have this notion of burying the hatchet and letting bygones be bygones.

If I’ll talk about regrets, I had a few. And if I’ll talk about lessons I have learned a lot. Whether I regret on something in the past for not changing my perspectives or not deciding in the best possible way I can, same is true – we can’t take hold of the future. And even if I swear to myself to do whatever it takes to get all the things I want, build the house I dreamed and live life to the fullest, it still never guarantees me of a very happy ending. Everyday life is changing. What we have decided yesterday and what we have accomplished today will never give an assurance to get what we desire to happen tomorrow.

Life needs only simple pleasures, but most people are trying to make it so complicated. Life is hard. It’s true, and nobody ever dared says it’s easy. But if we only learned to be contented in this insatiable world we live in, then it wouldn’t cost us every inch of our nerves squeezing out our mind and  worrying on decisions we are going to make for us to have an easy life in the future. LIFE always wishes us nothing but the worst. How to make the best of our life depends largely in our action. Life is not given to us. It is meant for us. So, take it from there.

There are people who worries a lot about the future. I don’t say I never worry that much – only an insane person can afford not to worry. But worrying only creates more tension. The tendency of musing over a very difficult situation can somehow add insult to injury. There are people who suffers from anxiety disorders, panic disorders and depression because of the severe worries they have in mind. Why can’t we just try to relax and be calm. Simplify life and adapt to the basics. You may say it’s easier said than done. But if we try to practice this,then we will see ourselves laughing over our problems like an insane man. 😉

The things that had happened to me this morning  were so alarming. I encountered some events which made me reverse my perception into 180` differently than ever before.
1. Woke up late. Exhausted of having a sleepless night babysitting my irritable sick child.
2. Check my email and found out that the job I was checking in last night is asking for $50 payment. Oh God! It’s a big scam.
3. And the rest of the day becomes fussy and agitated.

Here’s the turning point: I grab my personal checklist. It is a simple checklist I designed lately to guide myself during major setbacks. I pause for a moment, take a deep breathe and ponder on my list. I give it the title REMEMBER WHEN… and have it in bold capital letters.


1. You fall in love for the first time.
2. You laugh so hard your face hurts.
3. Somebody glance and smiled at you.
4. You got an unexpected mail from a long-lost friend.
5. You hear your favorite song played on the radio.
6. You are lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
7. You found out the favorite dress you want is on sale for half price.
8. You first tasted chocolate milkshake, tequila or beer.
9. You received a long distance phone call from a friend.
10. You indulged yourself on a long bubble bath.
11. You had a good conversation with someone special.
12. You spent great family get together in the beach.
13. Someone told you that you’re beautiful.
14. You overheard someone say something nice about you.
15. You got awake and realized you still have a few hours left to sleep.
16. You had your first kiss with your first boyfriend.
17. You met strangers and befriended them.
18. You had your road trips with friends.
19. You cried along with the cast in your favorite movie.
20. You won in a competitive game.
21. You made eye contact with strangers.
22. You had witnessed an actual sunrise or sunset.
23. You had blown your cake on your birthday.
24. You said “I dos” to your better half on your wedding day.
25. You had someone said “I love You” for the first time.

It's so fascinating to witness the sun as it slowly sets over and longingly kisses the horizon. Photo credit: Jingsoy Sarino

It’s so fascinating to witness the sun as it slowly sets and kisses the horizon. Photo credit: Jingsoy Sarino

Voila! Life becomes light and breezy! 🙂 Out of the 25 items, I only got 1 pending tho. But at least, I have all the reasons to feel at my best.


  1. Cody McCullough

    Great post. I like your checklist. I need to make one of my own…

    • Thanks a lot. Enjoy making your own checklist. 😉

  2. Thank you for your uplifting 180 list. I’ll keep it handy 🙂

    • Thanks for appreciating Judy. I’m glad that it suits you also. Enjoy reminiscing the best things in life. 😉

      • Sometimes I forget, Jan. This is a great reminder!
        Have a wonderful weekend.

      • Like I always do Jud, that’s why I design this simple checklist. 😉

        Have a nice weekend too!

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