Tempus Fugit!

It’s just like only yesterday when I was in great pain of the bumps and agony of carrying a very sensitive and most precious bliss of all. Every move I took is done in a very meticulous way not to hurt the most delicate soft tissues and cells that were growing and improving every seconds of the day.

And the most awaited and ecstatic day of all had arrived when the first sweet and gentle voice was ever heard. A breathtaking new-born baby’s cry filled the air with excitement and miracle. All the agony and pains that I suffered seemed to vanish in a haste. My heart grows eager to feel the warmth of an angel and to smell the skin so sweet and mild. Tears filled the eyes of an overjoyed mother.

Love and devotion I showered to the apple of my eye. I made sure that every inch of her muscles are in full comfort and gentle support. Everyday as my sweet little angel grows, is like witnessing a miracle that only God can explain. Until one day I wake up and find an angel crawling in my bosom. Her movements are gradually taking flight. I started to feel the longing of her innocent smile while she was only lying comfy and asleep soundly in my arms.

First smile. First yawn. First step. First word. First of everything. It’s what makes my life as a mother so exciting. Every milestone is worth the sacrifice of a mother’s restless days and sleepless nights. Being a mother is a wonderful blessing and one of a kind journey. Nurturing a life is like experiencing God’s miracle everyday.

But time flies so fast. As all living things grow, my sweet little girl took her time to shine. Catching her as she stumble and fall. Feeding her when tummy is empty and cleaning her mess for she’s already acting like full-grown. Oh, how I missed my little angel when she’s still always in my arm wrapped with love, kindness and joy.

Reminiscing my daughter’s infancy by watching her 1st birthday party teaser. Concepts by yours truly and publication by cyberwiz Uncle, Camote Mitchel.

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