Stranded on a Purpose

Daily Prompt: Stranded
by michelle w. on March 22, 2013

You’re stranded in a foreign city for a day with no money and no friends. Where do you go; what do you do?

Being caught stranded, could sometimes be the most exasperating event in one’s life. I recalled way back when I was a student, how I got so numbed every time I got caught stranded in the midst of a heavy traffic. Most especially when I was to take periodical exams, so I got in the class missing half of the test questions under an inconsiderate and terror proctor.

It’s really terrible unless, if we got stranded in the opposite situation. Likewise, getting stranded and realized that there are plenty of things to keep us moving and enjoy the hang of the moment. But if ever I’ll be stranded alone in a foreign city without a penny to spend for shopping, 😉 I hope that the place would be one of the richest cities in the world. In the US perhaps, Europe, UK or anywhere industrialized. In this case some issues in my head that has kept me wondering for quite a while now, be put to rest.

First thing I would do is to make a courtesy call to the mayor of that said city. I would tell him that I’m from a third world country and experiencing an enormous unemployment rate. And since this is a once in a lifetime turn of events, I will grab the chance to interview him about his governance of his highly developed place. I’m not really into politics and definitely not a political animal. But there’s just one political point of view that I really want to hear about straight from a politician’s mouth.

And this question would be why his city had improved tremendously? And how he handled unemployment rate since it is one of the major problems here in my country. Many skilled workers here in the Philippines resorted to find employment in other foreign land because of the scarce job opportunity and low compensation rate. Unfortunately, my husband was informed this week of the Workforce Reduction Program of his company and this would probably mean another “brain drain”.

For most Pilipino familys, this scene is so heartbreaking. Especially if another member is leaving for work to other far off lands. Photo courtesy of the net. For most Filipino families, this scene is so heartbreaking. Especially if another member is leaving for work to other far off lands. Photo courtesy of the net.


  1. nontoxicspiritart

    Well, that’s an interesting concept, although I wonder if you would be put on hold for hours with many of the same sort of calls before you, look at Switzerland, Germany, to name only two. People from other countries looking for a better life and wage are all knocking at the gates. Personally, i would go to a 1) Museum, 2) Library, &/or 3) any of the oldest and most cherished of landmarks. Art and History not only feed the soul but you are likely to find kind people working there, or attending themselves, that may share a meal. I feel some relief that it is only a day. Sleeping in bus and train stations is never very fun.

    • I love considering your suggestions here. Arts and historical sites are always part of my itinerary whenever I’m on an adventure. 😉 And a day is not enough I guess, to explore all these splendid things in beautiful places like you’ve mentioned.


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