Strangers and Bloggers I Befriend

Daily Prompt: Share the Love
by michelle w. on April 5, 2013

Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

I jump-started my online journey last month of February this year. Blogging is not really part of my to-do list when I owned a laptop. My main concern is to find online jobs to help my husband in earning an income for a growing family of ours. My husband had known a workmate who resigned from work to be a full-time mom and acquired a home-based online job. Eventually, my husband talked to me if I’m interested in an online article writing job, so he could introduce me to his ex-workmate since this is what she’s up to now. An SEO contractor and an article writer.

I said to my husband perhaps it’s worth a try. So we met (this kind woman) in a certain social network, Facebook and exchange some e-mails regarding the online job. After she accepted my friend request, I was able to go around her Facebook account and get to know more about her details. I was drawn more interested in her website address and so out of curiosity, I clicked it and surprised me with a beautiful blog site. As I went along touring her site, I happened to know her a bit deeper since her blog speaks a lot about her personal life. And little did I learn, that we have something in common. She is also a mother who devoted her whole life in rearing the offsprings.

After the tour, I was so encouraged to make my own blog. Perhaps because I love to make journals ever since high school, or simply because I want to write something that I perceived. I know I was not ready for this, since I am not an internet savvy. And yet, I considered it to be a challenge as a part of my hobby and seeing that maybe through this way, I can hone my writing skill and be ready to get an online job in time.

So I guess now is the time to introduce to you the beautiful stranger who is a fellow WordPress blogger and became a nice friend to me. She is no other than the Mom @ Home, Ronalee.

Thanks Ronalee for sharing the love and I hope we can get to know more about each other personally. I understand you have been so busy nowadays with your stuff and I have been missing a lot on you.

Allow me also to have this opportunity to extend my warmest thank yous to the fellow WordPress bloggers who have followed and keep on visiting my site despite of the fact that my blog is not that interesting yet. But the follows and likes that I received for being just a two-month-old on this stuff is worth the inspiration and influence to be more participative in the blogosphere. I learned so much from your blogs. Thank you for rocking Jill’s world.

And here’s to you Ronalee and all my followers and likers!!!


  1. Wooo! My blog is featured! Thank you so much Jan…But my blog is so so simple, not like yours – full of thoughts and “delicious” words. 🙂

    • Your blog led me to blogging. I should be the one to thank you. We are all unique Ron in our own way, so it doesn’t matter what our blog may appear like. We are entitled to our opinion and each of our opinion is unique. Simplicity is beauty and that’s what inspired me in your blog…..The large pic of the lechon perhaps made u say that my blog is full of delicious words. hehe 🙂

  2. Nice to meet the blogger who influenced your own online journey.
    Its true that likes and comments do inspire bloggers to keep on the work and I’ll like to meet a blogger like her who’ll put me through thanks

    • Thanks for taking time to read my post.. I pray you would meet that blogger one day.. 😉

  3. I think your blog is interesting. And I like your photos 🙂

    • Thank you so much Annie for finding my blog interesting. It’s so sweet of you… I am inspired to capture more photos tho am not a pro…i guess i’ll just pretend i am, since I already have u appreciated them.. LOL! 😉


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