An Online Jobhunter turned Blogger & Vice Versa…

Being poor is like a living dead“, Lot said in the movie Noah’s Ark. In fact, it is. That’s why apart from the food and basic needs, money is very essential for human beings to survive. Everything cannot be acquired for free. So, you have to get a job. And if you are that unlucky to have the job, you probably spend the rest of your life being miserable.

As for me, I was a bit closer to the road of being miserable when I came to the point of giving up my job to look after my child’s welfare. It was year 2006, when I thought everything will just turn out right if I decided to stay at home being a full-time mom. At the first year, it was smooth-sailing since my husband and I got only 1 mouth to feed. Came year 2008, and I gave birth to our second child. It was then, that the thought of scouting for a stable job, rise upon seriously.

But that my children still need my caring hands, keep me indecisive to leave them to anyone’s care. It was so devastating when this job issue, became a fight between me and my husband.  I mistakenly treat him for being so inconsiderate of me, being torn between two important things; the job and the children’s welfare.

Fours years passed, I stayed firm to my devotion as a hands-on mother. Despite of all the adversities that I conquered, I always believe that patience is a virtue and that everything happens for a reason. I have tried applying for a certain job, but it happened most of the time that one of my children will get sick a day before a scheduled interview. Consequently, it had made me turned down many job opportunities. I felt so desperate.

Unexpectedly, a sudden turned of events took place. Who would have thought I’ll become a blogger? Nobody, not even me, myself and I. After being far-off from the cyberspace for almost 8 years, I never thought I would be dealing with hi-tech gadgets again. Still thankful, because my chances of getting a job grows higher, and this time without me worrying about leaving the children behind. Especially, that there are three of them now to look after to. That’s the beauty of home-based online job. Which is still on the list of  my hot pursuits.

And what has blogging got to do with this journey? Well, I was thankful I stumbled upon a certain blogger friend’s site, it led me to blogging for a moment. 🙂  Although blogging somehow made me focused into blogging and not into job hunting, at least through blogging I have met lots of friends and discovered new ideas that are very essential to my online attempt. Job is still my number one priority.

As they say, being successful is not a one night process. It takes practice and constant practice. There are a million jobs offered at Odesk being the world’s largest online job marketplace.  I’m optimistic that I can find one good job one day. And blogging had helped me a lot with my journey. It is a stepping stone to my goal. For I know that a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.


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