My thinking pen + a socially craving inquisitive mind = why I blog!

Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

by michelle w. on April 16, 2013

Why do you blog ?

I’m a busy mom of three hyper-active kids, who are always keeping me on my toes. The main reason I can’t come up with an updated post. 🙂 I’m a bit poor in time management, and more often than not time robs me. (Thanks to blogging, I’m now committed to my time management program. 😉 ) I’m neither an articulate fashionista nor a well-traveled person who captured myriads of amazing and captivating photos to catch attention.  And I’m definitely not a pure blood writer, who has a mind of beautiful, enchanted and flowery words to lure and  mesmerize readers. But why do I blog?

Let me ask you first. Why do you eat? Why do you have a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr so on and so forth account? Why are you into social media? All of these queries simply boils down to one reason – it’s all because we can’t help it. Man by nature is a social animal.  And why do I blog is because I have reasons  that  feed my insatiable socially craving mind. Why I blog is the same reason with why I eat-to sustain life. With blogging,  I found it essential to my life, not just socially but also intellectually.

Blogging is also considered as another form of social networking. In the sense that it builds social relations to readers and other bloggers through the enabled comment widget that allows visitors to comment/interact with each other. But there are also blogs that are high in readership and doesn’t allow commentaries like the Daring Fireball.

Myriad blogs function as online brand advertising of a certain company or personal venture. Some blogs also draw interest on art or art blogs, videos or “vlogs“, music or MP3 blogs, audio or podcasts and the most common, photography or photoblogs. I’m not sure about other bloggers, but personally, I consider my blog as my online diary. There are also edublogs that refers to educational resources and microblogging that features very short posts.

I never considered myself a writer (just a simple blogger), until I publish my book. Publishing a book is an impossible dream and takes a lot of determination. Yes, I do have a thinking pen, a socially craving inquisitive mind and that’s my very reason why I blog. Blogging doesn’t really mean that you are required to be an established professional writer. Just as long as you can express your self a little through writing, and you have something in mind that’s worth sharing, then I guess you have what it takes to become a blogger.

Be anyone you want to be. Be a blogger -an art blogger, a vlogger, an MP3 blogger, a photoblogger or make a diary of just about anything that you fantasize. Share your ideas to the rest of the world. Get interactive and be interactive, blog at WORDPRESS, it’s free. And avail of a  wide array of upgrade/customization choices that’s worth the cost. Feed your mind and soul through blogging. It’s not just about social media. It’s art, it’s life, it’s learning.


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