It’s been a while that I haven’t posted for my blog, despite of the fact that I really had a lot in mind to blog about. Oh well! What do you expect from Jill of all trades? (Basically, the master of none.) There’s the “Cat vs Dog Syndrome” post, about my 2 kids who are like fire and ice; “Montague & Capulet under One Roof” post, about marriage and relationship; “Greening up the World” post, about the animated movie, The Lorax, which my kids and I recently watched; “My Side of Town” post, about the kids summer workshop that our local government unit is extending to talented children and the list goes on…

Why is it that I’m just only up to the title of my posts? Voila! I sighted the problem and it’s about my time management. Glad that I had come to this blogging stuff, I am also learning and discovering slowly something about myself – both strengths and weaknesses. I am now enrolled to my “self-implemented time management program”. 😉

Doing something right really requires a lot of courage and adjustment. Patience is always a virtue and the road to success cannot be fully traveled in an overnight journey. It’s a step by step course. And when I say it’s a step by step, I mean a baby step procedure. Really takes an impeccable determination and acceptance of failure in every attempt to change something better for the best.

Fortunately, my first attempt was a bit satisfactory. I had the time to finish one post and here it is. I had also done emptying the laundry basket, had my nail and hair done. Spent a little time online for my ongoing job hunting. Spent also quality and real-time with my son in his summer workshop on basic painting.

And now, I’m thinking about creating another separate blog for my online journey as a desperate job seeker and another blog for a mom’s preparation for her young adult becoming children. OMG! My head grows larger than life. How am I gonna cope up with all that?  Well, I better check my time program if I can make slots for that.  And stay tuned for the next episode!… 😉


  1. Hmmm … You can just create a separate category? That way, we’d be able to follow all these amazing thoughts in just one blog 🙂

    • Good advice to consider Irene. Thanks a lot for taking time to read and comment. I love it!

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