Motherhood: The Unexpected Journey

God did not create an Eve to have a sole purpose as Adam’s companion or wife for life. He designed Eve with a more distinguish body parts and function whom also to be a bearer of life – a mother. For God planned to fill the world with people who will use and take care of His eminent creations.

Along with God’s master plan, motherhood is the most real and sustainable of all. God designed a female to grow and mature into a woman for the purpose of bearing another form of life inside her womb. Motherhood is more than God’s plan, it’s a gift – it’s His calling. When we cross the path of motherhood, whether by our own discretion or by accident, but strive ourselves hard to be good role model mothers, we then honor God’s will.

For some, motherhood is planned so and it happens as expected and accordingly. For others, motherhood can be achieved even being a single parent. In the absence of fathers after conception or after birth and under any circumstances. As for me, motherhood was the last thing on my mind then but come surprisingly and unexpectedly along my life’s journey.

I became a mother before I became a wife. I was only 23 then. Young, vibrant and born free. The news of becoming a mother never shaken and saddened me, despite the fat chance of rearing the child singly is possible, since both I and my husband were not ready yet to get committed at that time.

It’s really unexplainable why I felt so secure getting pregnant out-of-wedlock, it even made me decisive to keep the life, nurture it while inside my womb and deliver it safe and sound in a world promised for him. I know for sure that breaking that certain announcement to my family would bring subtle change. But how will I ever know if I won’t go. The news shocked every person who knew me especially my loved ones and family members, but I’m glad they slowly accepted the ill-fated me.

And yet, I embrace every bit and pieces of the turn-down that’s taking part in my life. I’m fully aware at that time how enormous shame I bring about to my family’s reputation. But I held my head up high for I know what had happened to me could also happen to anyone of us. I am even proud of myself because I did not resort to abortion, which was very rampant in 2004 and that illegal/immoral abortionists started to spread and become accessible to unwanted pregnancies of unprepared mothers at that time of my conception for my first-born son.

A pose here with my 3rd baby girl at 2 days old.

A pose here with my 3rd baby girl at 2 days old.

Being a mother is really not that easy task to undergo, especially if somebody is not ready – emotionally, physically, psychologically and most of all financially. And the latter speaks so much about why my motherhood became such an unexpected and unprepared journey. But I did not compromise the life inside my womb for the lack of financial freedom. There’s more to life and motherhood than meets the eye.

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