“Brigada Eskwela” (School Cleanup Brigade)

No more dried up throat, no more drought and intense hot feeling since summer is finally over here in the Philippines tropics. The frequent occurrence of rain showers is another sign of summer season’s cessation. As this season unfolds, another important thing a mother will eventually assigned to her bucket list of things and partly the kids education.

Tomorrow, the 20th of May jumpstarts the Department of Education’s “Brigada Eskwela” a program initiated by the government education sector to gather all parents with children who will be enrolled for the opening school year 2013-2014 in public’s grade and high school level only.

Brigada - Banilad. Photo courtesy of Aboitiz.com

Brigada – Banilad. Photo courtesy of Aboitiz.com

As far as I remembered, I have rendered and joined twice in the Brigada Eskwela already. Here I see the spirit of cooperation and unity of parents who are helping one another to clean the school’s premises in order to prepare it for the opening of the class. This also serves as a prerequisite to the child’s admittance to the school, since one child will not be enrolled unless a parent or any representative will take it’s part in the tidying of the school’s surrounding.

I see this as a very upright move of the Department of Education’s head and governance. Long before this Brigada Eskwela program was initiated public school children will see the light of their first day of school as a day of hard labor since the school was vacated for almost 2 months for the summer break. Trash and dried leaves were expected to scatter all over the place.

Tonight I got to have a sound and good night sleep to prepare myself for tomorrow’s awesome gathering and cause. A cause to safeguard our kids health by cleaning up the surroundings of their school for them to have a good first day of school ambiance. Away from awful trash and deadly mosquitoes.

See you all tomorrow fellow parents. And to the Department of Education, Kudos!

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