Once Upon A Time in My Life

Ever since childhood, I already have this strong appreciation of the English language. In grade school I excelled in the subject and when I reached high school I have cravings for books and novels. At this young and imaginative stage of my life, I attempted to write short stories and my life’s journal religiously and painstakingly during my pastime. I say painstakingly, because I am not a native English speaker. I was really having a hard time composing then.

Along with my deep appreciation and enthusiasm, ignited the desire to study more about the language and hopefully become proficient with it. But college became a challenging stage of my life’s learning process, since I am not born with a silver platter on my mouth. And to no avail, I have to force myself to delude from those illusive dreams of mine, which is studying Mass Communications to become an airline flight attendant. I have to face the fact that I will be switching to other course and enrolled as a working scholar to be granted free of tuition fees and which was something I am proud of.

Photo courtesy of Noam Armonn Shutterstock.com

Photo courtesy of Noam Armonn Shutterstock.com

Working while studying is not an easy path I tackled. I felt deprived of the extra-curricular activities which my course AB – English offered such as seminars, workshops and symposiums about writing poetry and essays, communication skills and the English language as a whole. I was envious then of my classmates receiving several certificates for completing various seminars / workshops and having gained additional knowledge of the said field of learning.

But same is true, I have to move on. I could still enhance my learning even without attending symposiums. I’m thankful of this bookworm attitude of mine and fondness of researching interesting topics and scouting for good reads. I love and enjoy the company of books, novels and magazines. And because I haven’t drawn myself close to the computer and the internet way back college days, when time was fast changing and cyber age was already booming, now all I got are hardcopies of important documents kept in my treasure chest.

Along with the knowledge I gained from the field of learning I gave importance, came a very unexplainable and unexpected happening. I was expecting to spread and flap my wings away from the portals of my alma mater and land to the comfort of another environment – a working class environment and rub elbows with coworkers in BPOs firm when surprisingly I found myself changing diapers and waking up late at nights to ease up a crying little creature instead of dealing with a harsh customer over the phone.

Life really has a way of changing our dispositions. It’s perhaps a way of testing our capacity to adapt with changes. Once upon a time we were that determined but then one day we wake up with this surprising change. How to deal with the changes that’s taking place is another crucial event in our life’s journey. Will we ever wake up from this derange of things we’re going through?

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