The Joys & Challenges of Being an Online Freelancer Mom

An online freelancer is a person who has a knack or skills in writing web contents, blogs and articles; knowledge in IT related stuffs; talent in graphics and logo designing; expertise in web development and designing; data entry and virtual assistance buff; a good customer relation and live chat support and among other fields which qualify an individual to make business by using any computing device and the internet through legitimate online workplaces such as ODesk, Elance, Freelancer and the list goes on for reputable online work platforms. Some freelancing jobs may require a freelancer to be savvy or techy while others only requires the basic such as Microsoft Word and Excel applications as well as ideal typing speed, in the case of data entry jobs.

Everyone of us is endowed with special skills and talent that can be used to earn a living. I am lucky enough that with my simple writing skills and determination, I have found the means to clothe myself and get what I desired as well as sustain my children with their basic needs through online freelancing. This is just a simple thing that any stay-at-home moms can avail of to equate what their husband earns. It is such an immeasurable joy anticipating every end of the week or month compensations from the services that you rendered. Though it’s not an enormous and eye-popping amount of cash, yet enough to make you feel financially able and secured as well as make you feel dignified knowing that it purely comes from your own effort and initiative that slowly enhance and build up your self-esteem and worth as a woman.

I am composing this blog post to celebrate my first year as an online freelancer while being a fulltime hands-on mom. This post comes in very late since the several contracts I had, kept me occupied all these days. I supposedly want to post this last February 8 as it commemorates my first encounter with ODesk. Odesk is one of the many online workplaces which offers over a thousands of jobs for jobhunters and provides freelancers to company or clients doing businesses through the internet and seeking for experts to bring their business to stellar reputation. Odesk is highly suggested for everybody who wants to make their talents and skills work for them to earn for a living. I am really grateful to God for providing me this stuff. I really never thought a mom like me would still be able to finally find a simple niche in life that immensely brought a sheer joy and contentment of being a freelancing stay-at-home mom.

My Odesk Profile that launched a handful clients. ;-)

My Odesk Profile that launched a handful clients. 😉

Nobody says life is easy, but if you found joy and meaning in the daily task that you are doing then life would be made easy. Easiness never comes from dwelling in our comfort zones. It pops out from living and thinking out of the box. Being a mom at the same time an online freelancer for me is never easy because of the many challenges at hand, but that I have survived after a long day and even night of distracted work is a joy beyond compare. Can you imagine working with toddlers around you doing silly things and breaking out loud and high-pitched shouts while dealing with your client over Skype? Can you imagine putting all your tasks scheduled at night since working on daytime with kids is almost impossible, but you somehow managed to work without noticing you’re still wide awake on wee hours of dawn?

Indeed, being an online freelancer and a fulltime mom may have its share of the ups and downs in life. And the mere fact that I simply love the way I work, is a joy that could wipe all the stress and worries away and make work more fun and easy. Remember, all of us are gifted of talents and skills that would uplift us to the next level. So, ask yourself and listen to your heart if you plan to make yourself worthwhile. There’s always joy in every action we make. It just really depends on our passion and how we do it. And most especially by recognizing our family that somehow made life worthwhile and for their support that made work easy. Above all, let’s not forget to talk to God and seek guidance from Him, the Holy and Almighty One. He will surely guide us and bring joy to whatever endeavor we make.

Happy 1st Anniversary to me being an Odesker!!! When are you going to celebrate yours? Better start now. Odesk is just a click away. Find joy and challenges and you’ll definitely Love the way you work!!!Cheers!!!

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  1. Anonymous

    I take my hat of to you, congratulations on your first year, with many more to come. I was a single parent and I know how hard it is to juggle all. I wish you all the best for your future and will keep in in my thoughts, all the best.

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