The Art of Letting Go and Moving On…

There are times that we just have to let go freely and move on gracefully, no matter how painful it is, how horribly we get hurt and how awful we feel about it. We simply have to move on because life moves on, because time waits for no one and because sometimes the clock helps, at least. 😉

Don’t feel bad because what happens today will be eased out and be smoothen by the things that will come tomorrow. Believe me, it’s true! Today will be erased by tomorrow and what existed yesterday became a ghost in the world of inexistence. A world where the shadows of all “I could have” we uttered die a painful death and so with the dust of regrets. Move on, it doesn’t need to be swift, we have to take it one at a time and the next thing will flow naturally just like a faithful lover slowly walking down the steps towards his beloved half. It doesn’t matter what kind of loss you are experiencing, whether it’s a loss of valuable things, a very special person or extremely wonderful chances, the same process is applied. You have to do it slow and easy.

Sometimes we just need some tricks. And that trick is finding our strength from the words of others, from people who have also lived the pain we are experiencing today and people who knew what it feels like to be stuck in a moment that it’s hard to get rid of. It’s from their words of experience we can find particles of inspiration that would somehow help us in moving on. Most of these became popular quotes that serve as guiding principles to some who wants to find relief. Acceptance will also help, so that at the end of the day, our answer to this daunting moment is simple: just let it go, stop holding on…and simply move on. And don’t ever give this ghost of the past the chance to haunt you down or you’ll be stuck in eternal regrets and anxiety.

Yesterday, I grieved over the loss of a wonderful job opportunity that I have been waiting for all these years. It almost made me loss my senses. It was a real awful experience. But instead of musing on how horrible I felt, I decided to search for inspirations to make me forget about what had happened. And found these motivational quotes that inspired me to infuse this art of letting go and moving on into my senses. And today I embraced life with so much joy and anticipation for another brand new day full of hope and great opportunity.

Check out some of these motivational quotes I have gathered and see for yourself the spark of wonders it can give to lighten and brighten up your day. 😉

(All photos courtesy of the net)


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