Jill is Just About Anything

I’m Janice, living and breathing a challenging yet wholesome life for 32 years. And Jill is only my pseudonym. :-)I am a mother of 2 super, over and hyper active boys (as I want to describe them):-). Currently, I’m breastfeeding a 1-year old girl, that makes it so overwhelming for me since I still manage to blog. If you could just picture out how my everyday life may look like. I can’t afford to hire somebody else to run errands for something.

busy mom
I was inspired to create this blog after I gained access to the internet and owned this so-called high-tech gadget (laptop). I am the kind of person who loves to tell and share insights and experiences as a mother and life in general. So blogging is really the right stuff for me I guess, since I also have interest in writing. It’s nice to have documents about significant events in life.

At first, I’m indecisive about what my blog or topic is going to focus on. It’s because apart from being a mother, I also have interest in like almost about anything. I love reading good informative books. I have strong appreciation in the Arts. I love designing, includes fashion designing to that even if I don’t have my own dress shop and fashion design yet. But I want to try out.

booksarts materials
I love music also I even try hard to sing even if I’m out of tune. My father has great influence to that. He was a fanatic of The Beatles. The first band I officially heard a lot of songs about when I was a child. I’m also a big fan of wholesome television shows, motion pictures and cartoon animations.

music not cartoon

music movies
I just love about everything fascinating that revolves around my world. So whats my blog be about. Well, just expect that it’s gonna be just about anything under the sun…interesting, entertaining and fun.

Now you know, who Jill is and why Jill of all Trades.

So my dear guests, I hope you will enjoy the site!

I forgot I’m also my kids’ chef. Cooking is my forte. I’m responsible for all special occasions and family gatherings savory dishes. I’ll share some of my own recipes soon. (Mostly Filipino native dishes.)
mommy chef


  1. riteshmokasana

    Hi Jen,
    Wonder ful words..bold and honest acceptance…impressive.

  2. Hello Janice! I look forward to really diving into your blog. Also, thank you for following my blog at http://faith1stministries.com I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st because the “just shall live by his faith.” — Sebastian

  3. It’s a joy to share a piece of your world. As for blogging, just follow you heart’s passion and what makes you happy. The rest will follow. Wishing you all the best.

  4. Hi Jan, I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Congratulations!
    Cheers, Judy

    • Hi Jud, thanks so much for this I am so honored and felt unworthy at the same time. Actually, this is a second nomination, I received one last March 13, from Gecko but I didn’t participate since I really don’t think I’m deserving to post it in my blog. But since that I received another nomination from you, I guess it’s about time to make a post of it in my blog. Congratulations also!

  5. It's a BEEautiful Life

    Hi Jill,

    Thanks for following my blog.. are you a filipina? ^_^

    • Your welcome! and yes, I am proud and loud to say I am a Filipina. 😉 Just read your about page and I somehow felt not being alone in being trap between blogging and the hustles and bustles of life.

      • It's a BEEautiful Life

        Yeah!! ^_^ blogging puts me into a position where I can share my thoughts, travels and photos. An alternative to my working life. But life is great!! heheh

      • Yeah you’re absolutely right, life is always and will always be great and beautiful.
        Blogging is also a nice way to share our insights about anything that occupies life.
        Nice to meet you. 😉

  6. Hi Janice… nice to meet you. Your blog so good.
    Thank you for taking time to stop buy my blog, read, and send those kind words. Salamat.. 😛
    Blessing to you and your family… cheers… 😀

    • It’s nice to meet you also Bams. I’m looking forward to learn more about entrepreneurship from your blog. Terima kasih! 😉

  7. It’s an honor to meet such an amazing, beautiful person. A supermom and a true friend. “Mabuhay,” and God bless you and your love ones always.

    • It’s a pleasure also to meet a fellow Pilipino. Cheers! Here’s for us…

  8. Hi Janice, I thought it would be cool to visit your blog for a change. Your blog is fantastic!
    I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you for foilowing. : )

    • We have mutual feelings. Your blog is inspiring me a lot also, especially photography and travels. I will do the same – keeping track of your amazing posts.

  9. I like your blog now. It’s more organized already…;-)

    • Hi Ron! Thanks for the compliment. You just don’t know how much musings I spent, you know how I fare with cyber world. 🙂

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