Thoughts I Quote

From the moment I considered Myself a “blogger”, I always ended up with perceiving ways to make my site proactive to this new so-called hobby of mine-blogging. My sole purpose for this is to entertain myself because I believe I cannot please everybody or anyone else. I’m blogging in order to have an entertainment for my so-called “boring” monotonous life routine.

In my teen age years, I indulged myself to not that really “much” reading. From pocketbooks to novels, comic books to thrillers and the list goes on for the genres of book I drew an interest on. There was a time when I have fancied myself that if only my brain could function like a computer and have a memory of over a billion gigabytes so I can store all the information and summaries of the stories I have read and do reviews in just a click away.

It’s so incredulous that over a decade or two, I can now in fact, able to do this thing I fantasized about years ago (tho a bit late). I don’t literally mean that my brain functioned as marvelously as computers do right now and store memories that I can refresh over and over again. What I’m trying to say is that I’m grateful for these gifted humans who brought about possibilities and liable for this fact-paced “techy” world we are in. Along with their ingenuity, artificial brains are available all ready.

I can now create an electronic scrapbook where I can store documents, mementos, clippings and newspaper cuttings I have dug from my old aged trunk and insights I have kept in the archive of my mind.

And for my premier entry, are thoughts that I will quote from famous personalities I met and some from anonymous people I’m not sure if they really existed. 🙂

I dedicate this to my three kids (Charlce, Rijan & Hershey). They may find this helpful when they grow up. This page will be filled with inspirational and motivational quotes.

What's your opinion?

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