Outreach Program

For 5 months now, I have been off from the blogging limelight in the pursuit of something more significant to my life and that’s doing online business. I had been so grateful that my online freelance writing endeavor is so blessed. I got the chance to experience and learned about various kinds of online businesses which have enriched and honed my field of expertise. Blogging had also helped me a lot, in a way that it prepared me for my freelance writing job. I had a great time being a freelancer at Odesk.com, it gave me the opportunity to deal with foreign nationalities and also gave me the sense of pride especially when my proposals for certain writing projects were being awarded. And not only that, being an Odesker doesn’t only end at being a freelancer. With the many projects I had, I got the chance to experience outsourcing some of my writing jobs and able to hire and manage a few people. The most exciting part that I had experienced, so far.

I signed up with Odesk last February 8, but became very serious with it just last month of June after I met a fellow blogger from Manila who encouraged me a lot to proceed with accomplishing my Odesk profile. She was the one who have insisted me to get my writing skill started and generate an earning from it. Since I really don’t give a damn care at first for Odesk, I never had the willpower to process the necessary things and documents needed to accomplish a 100% Odesk profile and payment method verification. But Sha (the name of the fellow blogger) led the way, she gave me tips on the most convenient way how to get started with Odesk. Along with her advice, I accomplished all necessary things needed like the bank account for the funds transfer and all legal documents like valid IDs and NBI for identity verification.

Being equipped with all the essentials and credentials  to flaunt in Odesk, I started sending job proposals along with my duly accomplished Odesk profile to the various writing jobs posted in this workspace platform. The very first job I had was writing blog articles about volunteering abroad works. At first, I was negative to get the job done since I don’t have any idea about volunteering abroad topics. But with a little help from researching, my sample article or my writing job test passed. After the setting of contract, my client assigned me to do blog posts twice a week, until my workload had increased to 6 blog posts a week from October up to this very moment. This is the main reason why I have been off from blogging here in my own site. But I now slowly get the hang of working overnight since I don’t have much time to spend during daytime as I spared most of it for my kids. Nevertheless, I still enjoy the idea of being the boss of my working time. Just one of the advantages for working home based and doing online business.

What’s so interesting about this online endeavor I have now, is that it opened my mind to a world of new learning and skills. Being a blogger for a volunteering abroad organization and having read numerous topics about volunteering,  sparked up my charitable heart and enticed me to sometime or maybe one of these days experience the joy of volunteering or giving back something to underserved people or community and sharing what I am grateful of. I believe that what I am savoring in life right now is the will and blessing of God and I should have gave it back in a most pleasant way. Having experienced this kind of online journey made me eager to somehow render myself and my service selflessly to those who are in need.

Timing really has its own way of surprising us and making our good intentions work. Just this month I have learned from a friend that he is planning for an outreach program in one of the rural communities here in my place. Suddenly, I recalled that one of the best ways on how to have a successful volunteering abroad trip is to start as a local volunteer. As what an adage says that charity begins at home, so I guess I will be starting my outreach program adventure from my home country. I have communicated already with my friend who will be leading this project and ask some photos from him that I can use here in my blog. After I got the photos at hand, I got so excited looking forward to meet the community and share some of my blessings to them. This coming December 14, 2013 marks my first date with Charity.

Thanks Ronald Marzon for this photo.

Looking forward to making these children smile…Thanks Ronald Marzon for this photo.



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