Mabuhay! I’m Jill at your service. ;-)

Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Whichever part of the continent you may be at, browsing the net surfing for just about anything and accidentally pressed this link. Be grateful, you have landed right to the very portal of Jill’s fortress.  Smile! 😉 You just got so lucky! This is for free. Welcome & Congratulation!

Image courtesy of the net.

Image courtesy of the net.

If you are a newbie and a “still-confused” blogger. Don’t fret, we share the same melancholy. Indeed, you have come to the right place, wherein you won’t feel intimidated because your blog is far from perfect. Like you, Jill is also still confused exploring the blogosphere. I will not be giving you any tips on how to become a perfect blogger, but with hardship, researching and constant reading we will gain knowledge along the way, together we will succeed.

If you are a hybrid, glamorous blogger and a seasoned professional writer. I salute you Sir/Madame! I am so honored that people like you take notice and spend time to visit a simple blog like mine. My apologies for the inconvenience in my blog architecture. The wrong choice of content, the unsatisfactory posts, and grammatical errors are all because I’m not a native English speaker and writer. Any tips?

If you are a mommy and a wife. Welcome to the club! Jill is also a full-time mom of 3 lovely kids and a wife to a loving husband. I know how challenging and exciting motherhood is. I am now in the stage of living, learning and searching for various ideas on how to raise awesome person and how to become a perfect mom and wife. Stay tuned. I’m also sharing some of my personal experience and learning. Do you want to share your ideas with Jill?

If you are somebody else like everyone else, who just want pure entertainment, looking for inspirations and motivations, seeking for information that feeds your interests or just tripping for just about anything in the complex and vast world of social media and the internet. You are not alone. Jill is also up for just about anything.

And if you find this site boring, I say go and check my fellow bloggers who have perfect blog that might suit your mood. They are listed on the side bar. Now I’m giving you an option already. All you have to do is scroll.

Still not convinced? I suggest you try making blog here at WordPress, it’s a one of a kind experience. Probably, you have read and seen from the wire that “Blogging is Dumb!” Indeed, internet is evolving and blogging might arrive to the point of being obsolete. But now, I find blogging very delicious. I am savoring and indulging with it for the moment. Blogging perhaps is dumb, but I say, the promoter’s wrong choice of tagline for impressing people is dumber. I’m sorry!

Now don’t forget this. Before leaving Jill’s fortress, please share your comments. Talk to her please? All comments – constructive or destructive is WELCOME. Jill is open to anything. She would love to hear and highly appreciate it. Comments build her up. Critics are her vitamins. For she believes that, a life without criticism is a life not worth living.

You are also welcome to join and follow Jill. So now, hit any button and explore Jill-of-all-Trades’ world. Brace yourself and be “forced” to Enjoy! 😉 Daghang Salamat!


  1. Hi – I have nominated your for The Liebster Award, – for writing inspiring posts and to inspire you to write more posts in the future. Just visit this post for the steps! :). – Irene

    • Hi Irene! It sounds good to hear that my posts are inspiring. This is my 2nd nomination and I felt so honored again. I haven’t worked on with my 1st nomination yet since I’m coping up with something more important than my blog.(answering this nomination takes time for deliberation of worthy nominees). As a matter of fact, i have been off from blogging for almost a month, and I’m glad that my homecoming is welcomed by your nomination. So, I guess I’ll start working on this now. 🙂 Thanks and Congrats also!

      • You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Hi, maraming salamat for visiting.

    • Kembali NoNo. Terimah kasi also for liking and following on my blog. Good day!

  3. Thanks for the visit and follow.

    • You are welcome! Thanks also for following on. Your blog is awesome. keep it up!

      • Aw thanks so much!! Truly appreciate it!

  4. Whew! I thought you stopped blogging for a second. I’m glad you pushed through with it. So much to discover out there and even about ourselves that we don’t realize exist. Looking forward to read your posts.

    • I have also Nominated you for the beautiful blogger award xox

    • If I will cease blogging, I will absolutely miss the awesome Island Traveler blog. The inspirations from this man’s journey, made Jill think again and resolved to never quit from blogging at all. 😉 Thanks for visiting back my humble abode.

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