Life’s Metamorphosis: To Change or Not To Change!

Today’s the first day of the rest of my life. (Roll the drum!) But is there really a need to change something about myself as I embrace the new year?

I’m just curious what’s really significant about the first day of January that we people are so eager to talk about New Year’s resolution and this thing called “change”?  But later on as the days unfold we tend to forget everything about the New Year and the Resolutions we made.  I think if something in life that’s really needed to be changed must be done on time and speedy manner. Life is short they say. You can make a change right here, right now and doesn’t need to wait for the first day of a brand new year to start. Or perhaps we are just making the New Year an alibi of the truth that life is somewhat really hard to change.

We are given everyday by God the chance to change. And yet, we still wait and count for 365 days to pass us by because of our belief that the start of the New Year is the only perfect and ideal time to change. It is oftentimes a cliche hearing people saying tomorrow I got to make list of New Year’s resolution and change. But I guess what really needed to be changed is change itself. Change, as we all know, is just a short, one-syllable single word that is so hard to do. Even the thought of it is an uphill climb for all of us. Why is it so?

Perhaps it’s because we don’t want to go out from our comfort zone. It’s true, we are attached so much to the life that is so easy to handle which gave  change the brand name: “difficult to bear”. Imagine a fish taken out from the sea into the open air. Do you think it can survive? It’s that same feeling if we try to step out from our comfort zone. But we are human, we are different from the fish. It has a different story. Fish deserves to be taken out from the water to be served in dinner plates. While we human sometimes we deserve to be taken out from our comfort zone in order to live, survive and improve. We are the highest form of animal that’s gifted of intellect for us to use while we can in the most productive, ethical and conventional way. Going out from our nutshell is the most perfect way to show our boldness and daring personality. If we only believe, trust and understand our instinct deeply, it can tell us when to change. And one thing is for sure, it will not suggest  for another new year’s beginning to jumpstart everything. If you will just listen to it closely and completely, it will whisper “start changing now.”

Another reason why change is the hardest thing to start is because we are afraid of the unknown. Is it possible to be afraid of something not known to our senses? How many times have we swore and said this to ourselves: “I want to change but I am afraid it won’t work out.” How do you know it won’t work out if you haven’t even tried. How do you know that there is light at the end of a dark tunnel if you don’t have the courage to cross the path. Yes, it is scary enough inside that dark tunnel and we are unsure what it entails. But of course, we have to carry our own cross. Nothing in life is really easy. Even Jesus Christ had His share of the cross to fulfill His duty to the Father. So, how could we fulfill our purpose in life if we don’t play our part of the cross and sacrifice. Life must not be viable only for the sunny and cloudy days but also on rainy and stormy nights. And we must learn how to dance under the rain not just how to conquer the storm so to cast away our fears of the unknown that were not really there because they are just sole products of our imagination. But it’s good to scare ourselves sometimes, to test our limits.

Finally, change itself is hard to change. Why? Because we often ignore the importance of change into our lives. We humans are fond of living in a dreamland and continue living in our comfortable lives despite the fact that it’s not doing us good anymore. Until we finally come to a point when we  realized that something must have and be changed but only to know that it’s already too late. If you don’t want something significant to happen in your life now, then forget about change. But if you believe in yourself that it’s not too late for you to change, then you can start changing now. Imagine yourself undergoing the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Evolving through a series of natural processes. Starting from being a simple egg until surprisingly spreading its magnificent wings and taking flight its regale charm. Who would thought a simple egg could turn out into a grandiose and spectacular thing of beauty? It’s because that’s the way life should be and life must always be beautiful no matter what.

Royalty free image courtesy of the net.

Royalty free image courtesy of the net.

Start embracing the importance of change into your life now. Never disregard the impact it can bring to your life if you change for the better. Forget about the unending list of new year’s resolution that will just overwhelm you and make you lack  focus. Just stay firm on your ideals about change and focus only to certain changes that you want to achieve.  And when it start to slowly take place, you will notice everything and all the rest follows. Simply make yourself the center of that change. Think of how important yourself is and why it does need to change. This way you don’t only give a chance for change to take effect and grow, you can also acknowledge your self far more better than who you think you are at first. Change begins from within your inner self and so say this everyday: “Change is Me!” And if you may, you can simplify the word “CHANGE” into “ME”. So that the next time you think of change, you will already know the focal point of that change and that’s yourself and no one else can benefit from that change except you.

So what are you waiting for? Next January 01, 2015 is such a long, long time to wait to then again make another New Year’s resolution list to waste. Narrow down your list of quitting so many bad habits and make a point to put “ME” on top of that list. And as you prioritize and give more value to yourself, you would slowly ignore all that unending list of bad habits and practices with less the effort as you only focus on the importance of yourself and how you love it. Think of that “ME” always on top of your list and ounce by ounce you will witness how that “ME” will grandiosely transform just like the beautiful butterfly flapping its wing graciously in the sky of success. Change is Me, change is You and change is for everybody.

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