Time Management & Me

Do you know what happens when failure becomes your best friend? Simple, you both will have a never-ending hard times and ends up with nothing but depression. Besides me, who else has a friend here named failure? I’m sure am not alone because failures can be anywhere that can happen anytime and it always hunt for company. But whatever failure friend you have, I don’t mind and I don’t even care to know. I just want to share my own failure friend that keeps pulling me down. My failure friend who’s always ruining my Time Management Scheme. My failure friend who’s residing inside myself and buzzing my system not to function as it perfectly should.

I often hear about the importance of time and how it robs us of the most valuable things that we could have done in huge success. Is it because time is so short and fleeting that’s why I always feel being missed out? Or perhaps I have poor time management that I often leave plotted schedules undone. How many a times did I make schedules for my daily activities but following it feels like an uphill climb? Countless there is and many opportunities have been wasted. And that’s when and how failure came to the scene and eventually became my friend.


But today, I want to get rid of this friend and swear to myself never to entertain it when it comes knocking on my door again. So, I must turn to that real and genuine friend named determination. I know with a little help from determination I will be productive throughout the day before hitting the hay. Listed below are probably the least I could do to help me get by with my goal. I hope this can also be helpful to other mothers like me who are striving hard in their respective home-based jobs to grab that buck while at the same time struggling working around nuisance kids and their endless clutter. Good luck to all of us!

1. Plot a timetable for your daily to-do-list and keep it posted on your wall.

2. Keep off unnecessary tabs that are not work related when working online.

3. Always have a streamlined workflow and workplace.

4. Unless it’s a matter of life and death, stick to your schedule.

5. Have this equation: Time Management + Me = Success

So, let’s stop wasting our time wishing for that illusive 48/7 time scheme. We only really needed 24 hours in 7 days to accomplish what we desire to reap productivity. If God was able to make this vast and complex world we live in just a matter of days, then why can’t we for our every day to day single and simple task. We only need to give up on failure and give in to determination so that¬†spelling out success becomes easy as a pie. It’s T for Time; M for Management and Me.

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